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Boarding Contract

    Step 1

    Please start by telling us about you

    Step 2

    Please give us some details in case of an emergency (this should be the telephone number of someone that can collect your cat if you are delayed, for example).

    Step 3

    Please add your cat details

    Step 4

    Finally, please tell us some final information so we can make your pets stay as comfortable as possible

    Step 5

    Do you agree to our terms and conditions?


    1. Any persons entering the cattery do so entirely at their own risk and any accompanied children to be closely supervised. Cats are left and boarded at the owner’s own risk!

    2. Bedding/toys are supplied by the cattery but you are welcome to bring your own bedding/toys.All must be clean and parasite free. The cattery reserves the right to dispose of any heavily soiled items. All items are left entirely at owner’s risk.

    3. Vaccinations, worming and flea treatments must all be current and up to date. Your cat(s) cannot be boarded without these, so please remember to BRING YOUR VACCINATION CARDS WITH YOU. Any cats found to have fleas or worms will be treated and owners will liable for payment!

    4. Male cats over the age of 6 months must be neutered before staying in the cattery.

    5. In the event of illness or injury I give permission for veterinary services to be called upon. Any charges in carrying out the vet’s instructions are entirely at the owner’s expense. We will endeavour to contact You and your own vet but in case of an emergency this may not be possible. Veterinary fees may be billed directly to You but if not possible the client must settle any outstanding charges upon collection of your cat(s).

    6. The cattery reserves the right to move or separate cats to different chalets if absolutely necessary.

    7. All fees are charged by the day, from and including the day of arrival and departure.

    8. There is a daily surcharge of £ 5.00 for bank holidays and a daily surcharge of £ 1.00 for heating. Christmas and Boxing Day are double the rate. Payments for boarding services can be paid by card, cash or cheque. There is a minimum charge of three days boarding.
    9. Collections that are made early will be subject to a full charge.

    10. Any deposits paid at the time of booking are NON-REFUNDABLE.

    11. The cattery reserves the right to re-home any cat(s) not being collected within 14 days of the collection date, provided that no arrangements have been made in writing or by telephone to extend the period of booking.

    12. Should you cancel your booking within 7 days of the date of your booking, we will not be able to offer you a full refund.

    13. Payment must be made (in full) before the date of your cat's arrival.

    14. I (client/owner) have read and undertake to abide by the boarding contract’s terms and conditions on every occasion my cat(s) is/are boarded on these premises. I hereby accept the terms of this boarding contract:

    If you would prefer to download this form as a Word document then please click here.

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