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The Cattery

An Introduction to Arlington Cattery

Arlington Cattery Ltd is easily accessible, just off the A22 in a lovely rural setting. The cattery was carefully built to the specifications of the Feline Advisory Bureau in 1994 and has been extended since to provide a total of 24 units plus an isolation unit.

Each unit provides accommodation for one or two cats from the same household and there are some “family” units for 3 or 4 cats. All chalets are fully insulated against extremes of temperatures and fitted with thermostatically controlled infra-red heaters for the colder weather. The chalets open on to individual covered runs equipped with scratching logs and patio chairs. There is a generous space between each run so that the cats can see each other, but not come into direct contact. All runs open to a safety passage.

Every care is taken to make the cats as happy as possible during their stay and a lot of time is given to settle in the more timid ones.

Fresh, tinned, pouched or dried food can be provided as required and fresh water is always available.
Breakfast is served at 7.30 am, tea at 6 pm, treats and cuddles at bedtime.

Owners are encouraged to bring their cat’s favorite bedding and toys, however freshly laundered blankets or vet-beds can be supplied.

Arlington Cattery Ltd is run to the highest standards with priority being given to hygiene. The chalets, runs and equipment are thoroughly disinfected between boarders, and clean dishes are provided for every meal.

The cattery is also fully alarmed.

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