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01323 846 454 Covid-19 Response License Number: LN/000023330
COVID 19: We Are Still Open For Business And Operating According To The Government’s Advice

COVID 19: We are still open for business and operating according to the government’s advice

To our customers

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic we have had to make some necessary changes to our operating procedures.

Please read the following carefully as we ask you to please comply to the following changes to safeguard yourselves and our staff!

Unfortunately there is now no admission for members of the public into our reception area so your cat(s) will be collected by a member of staff in our car park.

Please call us upon arrival and wait for a member of staff to attend. The same procedures are also in place for collection.

Booking in

1. We will need to ascertain the covid-19 health statue of your house hold and where you propose to visit; as if quarantine measures are implemented you must comply with the law and arrange another person to collect.

2. Please complete the boarding contract from our website and email back to us with a photo of an up to date vaccination record as we are now going paperless and if possible payments are to be made by bank transfer to remain contactless.

3. We now have an appointment system in place for arrival and departure so that we can ensure that you do not come into contact with other clients.

4. Unfortunately we can currently not accept any of your cats belongings such as blankets, beds, toys, treats etc.! Carriers must only contain disposable puppy pads or paper for the comfort of your cat. Please rest assured that we will improvise to ensure that your cats stay will still feel like home from home.

All carriers will be disinfected and fresh bases/paper will be put in before departure.


5. Any special dietary or medical requirements must be kept in a suitable labelled container that we can disinfect.

6. A 2 meter distance must be maintained by both parties.

7. Face masks must be worn by both parties and relevant PPE by staff members.

8. All cats will be wiped over by a damp cloth (warm water) upon arrival and before departure.

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