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01323 846 454 Covid-19 Response License Number: LN/000023330

Thank you!

We're so grateful for all your support during lockdown

Thank you for your generous support throughout recent hard times!

We would like to take this chance to say thank you to all our wonderful customers who have sent kind messages of support during lockdown. We even received generous donations from people who wanted to help us, which was an amazing surprise.

What have we been up to?

Though we never actually closed during lockdown, we inevitably did experience a quiet period. But we did not take this opportunity lightly!

We used this quiet time as a chance to refurbish the roofing of the cattery units and spruce up the chalets inside and out. This has helped to make the units brighter and more appealing for the cats.

Ensuring your safety

To safeguard you and your cats, we are operating according to the government’s advice. To do this we are continuing to carry out thorough cleaning of the units and equipment, whilst minimising contact between people as much as possible.

Book your cat for a stay at Arlington Cattery

We are open as usual. Now that lockdown restrictions are easing, we would love for you to book your cat in with us.

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